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Marine Solutions

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Marine Solutions

Automation & Control:

  • Integrated Control & Monitoring systems.
  • Engine Room Safety Alarm system.
  • Main Engine Safety Shutdown System.
  • Aux. Engine Safety Shutdown System.
  • Engine Maneuvering system.
  • Steering gear System.
  • Thruster control.
  • Boiler Automation.
  • Incinerator Automation.
  • Bilge Oily water separator.
  • Engine Oil Mist detectors.
  • Cargo & Ballast Pump Monitoring.
  • Cargo & Ballast Level, Pressure & Temp Monitoring.
  • Cargo & Ballast Valve control.
  • Cargo tank Inert Gas System.
  • Anchor Handling & Tug Unit control.
  • Windlass & capstan Control.
  • Engine Telegraph.
  • Forward and Aft Bridge Control Console instruments.
  • Search Lights.
  • Window Wipers